Fruit spirits

For all those who appreciate exceptional quality.

We’ve been putting our heart and soul into our distilled products since 1857. However, we are guided by experience and not by convention, so we continue to rediscover and reinterpret traditional fruit spirits recipes.

A strong feel
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Fruit spirits

Only the best, fully ripe fruits are mashed in our stainless steel tanks. Our expert distiller knows exactly how to process each fruit to ensure that it develops its full aroma. Even though you can’t see how much care goes into our work, we guarantee that you can taste it!

Gelbe Williamsbirne

Fresh, aromatic, full-bodied and medium sweet.

Kronprinz Rudolf

A pure apple spirit with a distinctive aroma. This “sporty” fruit spirit is light, delicate and slightly tangy.

Wald Himbeere

An intense fragrance and taste, with a complex and fruity raspberry aroma.

Donau Marille

Fruity, acidic and floral, with a delicate marzipan aroma.

Klare Zwetschke

A classic aroma with a distinctive marzipan note, a hint of prunes and a strong finish.

Schwarze Johannisbeere

New and unique in this form, with compelling citrus notes and a distinctive cassis aroma.

Mährische Vogelbeere

Distinctive, strong, full-bodied and bitter, with a hint of bitter almonds.

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Nature makes it easy for us to always draw fresh inspiration. Discover fine fruit spirits for every taste, from sun-ripened apricot to sweet wild raspberry.

Enjoy to the fullest.

Which rarities and which fruit spirit pair with which dish?
Here are some tips from our fruit spirit sommelier.