Nothing great
was ever achieved
without enthusiasm.

it all

Ideas take time to come to fruition.

Like so much in this world, the history of Puchheimer began with an idea.

The idea of making precious fruit brandies and schnapps from the superb natural produce of the region took shape in 1857. In that same year, the original recipe that still forms the basis of all our distillates was crafted.

New product lines have been created under our fruit brandy sommelier Franz Strobl. Many things have changed, but our love of the region and dedication to perfection remain the same – now and in the future.

Home - more
than just
a “source”.

For us, the Puchheim region is more than just the source of our fruit brandies. It’s also a source of inspiration for us. The serene beauty and majesty radiating from Puchheim Castle with its rich history, distinctive church and charming arcaded courtyard. The lush meadows with their fruit trees and fresh spring water from the Alpine foothills. All that is reflected, indirectly or directly, in our products.

Quality - dedicated to being the very best.

Many are quick to claim that their products are “high quality”, but quality has a special meaning for us. It means we are committed to enhancing our fruit brandies still further and ensuring that we only supply the very finest products. It means smelling, tasting, refining and checking until every single drop is perfect. That quality defines us and is what makes our fruit brandies and schnapps so special.

Our promise

Tradition -
honed over centuries.

We are proud to have been distilling schnapps and fruit brandies since 1857. That history defines our brand and makes us what we are today. However, we are guided by experience and not by convention. That is an important distinction. In the end, it’s this reflection, so typical of us, that helps shape our path.

Enjoyment -
a sense of
the extraordinary.

Our love of detail, care and selection of ingredients are all geared towards the moment when you offer or serve one of our fruit brandies to your guests, and ensuring their enjoyment right from the very first sip. As a partner to the hotel, restaurant and catering industry, we’re committed to providing you with the very best quality at all times.